How Profitable Is Blogging In Nigeria? – Blogging In Nigeria

How Profitable Is Blogging In Nigeria? - Blogging In Nigeria 1

Blogging in Nigeria, is it a profitable online business to go into? you want to go into blogging in Nigeria and you intend to know how profitable is blogging in Nigeria i’ve got you covered 👌.

In this article I will try my best to be very explanatory because I’m writing this post with you in mind.

Want to be a blogger in Nigeria ? You’ve got to know what it’s all about.

blogging in Nigeria

What Is A Blog ?

Imagine you telling me you want to go into blogging and I ask what is a blog? What will be your response?

” Now a blog is an informational website managed by an individual. It’s a website where a writer shares his/her view or knowledge. “

Now you can give me an answer right?

Who is A Blogger ?

You keep hearing the word I’m a blogger, he is a blogger, she is a blogger.. bla bla bla..

When one says I’m a blogger what does he or her actually mean?

Alright, it time to let the cat out of the bag🤗

“A blogger is a person who runs a blog. He/she shares his or her knowledge on a topic to a particular audience.”

Having Said That;

What Is Blogging ?

Do you know blogging is a skill? Yes it is

” Blogging is a skill needed to run a blog. It is the act of writing in a blog “

Is Blogging In Nigeria Profitable?

Yes blogging in Nigeria is really profitable , I know you will like me to prove my claim… Questions that may be pondering through your mind

Are there really successful bloggers in Nigeria ?

Where are the list of bloggers that has profited through blogging ?

This brings us to;






I won’t complete the list without adding myself 😋😜😜



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There are more to this list but that’s not the purpose of this article; I just made that list just to prove to you that blogging is a profitable online business…

What Makes Blogging Profitable in Nigeria ?

One major reason why people keep asking how profitable is blogging in Nigeria ? is because they want to know if money can be made through blogging in Nigeria. The truth needs to be told nobody what’s to venture into a non-profitable business.

So the question still remains what makes blogging profitable ? I’ll give you a simple answer to this question , blogging in Nigeria is profitable because you can monetize your blog and make lots of capitals from it, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Hope that answers the question?

Tips To Having A Profitable Blog

  1. BE READY TO INVEST: If you’re ready to put in your time and money into blogging then be ready to make money too from your blog…                                  As one is ready to invest in his/her offline business so should you be ready to make investment too on your blog.

  2. Choose A Good Blogging Niche : Niche? Yeah Niche, it’s alright if you’re just hearing this for the first time, I’ll give a simple definition of a niche “A niche is what you’re blogging about. It’s simply what your blog is all about. For example makinde azeez is in the entertainment niche because he posts music, entertainment gists e.t.c. When choose a niche, you should choose a niche on something you’re good at, a niche that won’t make you run out of content, a niche that you can write unique contents and confidently

  3. Get A Good blog design: A Good blog design is very essential as this makes your visitor stay longer In your blog… Not just a good design but a fast and good site engine optimized blog(SEO) this makes your blog rank in Google and attracts new visitors.           Incase you need that done for you. Don’t hesitate to Contact me  ♥

  4. Get Yourself Ready for Competition : In every business either online or offline there’s always a competition, you should get ready for it. If Dangote relaxed and said there’s already BUA cement there’s no need for going into the cement business I don’t think he’ll be where he is… People keep saying blogging is over crowded, is there really any business without competition ? If yes please don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section.

  5. Don’t Be Too Money Cautious: Just yesterday I got off from a WhatsApp call with someone who wants to go into blogging, I didn’t forget to tell him these words “don’t go into blogging because people say it’s making lots of money for them”… Really? What am I saying? Hey! don’t get me wrong if I’m not going into blogging to make money then why am I investing in it? Smiles… there’s a quote I normally make “I’m not into blogging because of money but money is my motivation” A contradictory statement right? Let me use Dangote as a case study again. Do you know why Dangote is making money from his cement business? It’s not because people are just buying it. It’s because it helping to solve a problem. In a nutshell go into blogging because you want to solve problem then you make money. For me, I make money helping people to make money… Let’s say you are going into the entertainment niche make sure you’re going into it to assist and get music downloads easier for them… Then you make money. This goes for any business, make money helping people solve a particular problem 💪… Lots of bloggers have quitted blogging because they lack this… They were in haste to make money. Forgetting to give people unique contents, if you don’t give people unique contents, who’ll visit your blog and how will you make money?

I Think We Should Stop Here.

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Nah! I don’t think I’m stopping here without giving you this.

How To Monetize My Blog And Make It Profitable In Nigeria ?

As the word goes monetize i.e ability to earn money from your blog. To that effect I’ll be giving you 4 ways to monetiz your blog in Nigeria.

  1. Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing involves making sales or referrals to a particular business and getting commission for it. For instance you’re in the sport Niche and lets say betnaija gives commission to anyone who refer a person to their site, then you register for to bet9ja as an affiliate and paste your link or a banner giving to you by the them and when someone visits through your link or banner placed on your blog and registers then you get a commission for it…                                   So affiliate marketing is one good way to make money from with your blog.      Hope my explanation is clear enough?

  2. Advertisement: This is the popular way lots of people know on how to make money from their blog in Nigeria… There are lots of Ads network but the most popular one still remains Google AdSense. So placing ads on your blog can also make you money from your blog in Nigeria.

  3. Selling Ads Space: This is another sweet cool way of making money with your blog in Nigeria. By charging people who are interested in placing an advertisement on your blog you earn from it also🤑.

  4. Selling your brain : What? Jeez! Wait a second, I don’t mean you should practically tear your head, take out your brain and put it up for sale. This is what I mean you might got a skill e.g graphics designing, web designing e.t.c you can create an ebook for it teaching people how to become graphic designers or web designers then put a price tag for it and boom you’re good to go…

How Profitable Is Blogging In Nigeria?

After reading this post the question of;

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how profitable is blogging in Nigeria

how to monetize my blog in Nigeria e.t.c

Should be a thing of the past.

Conclusion: How profitable is blogging in Nigeria? – Blogging In Nigeria

Blogging is a nice a profitable online business one can venture into. It needs your dedication. You should also note that earnings varies when it comes to Blogging, A may be earning $2000 monthly while B may be earning $500 monthly.

If you enjoyed this post or you feel something is missing feel free to use the comment section to express yourself. Seeing your comments makes me happy🤗.

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