HONEST GETBARTER REVIEW 2020 – Create A Virtual card in Seconds For Every Online Transaction

HONEST GETBARTER REVIEW 2020 - Create A Virtual card in Seconds For Every Online Transaction 1

This is the most honest getbarter review you can find on the internet.

In this article you’ll get all your unanswered questions on “getbarter
I’ve found out that this are the most recent searches on getbarter and creating an online virtual card

Getbarter Review
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Getbarter App download
What is Getbarter used for
What is Getbarter
How to use Getbarter
Getbarter login
Is Getbarter legit or scam?

The list goes on and on and on, do you fall in any of these categories? Or you landed here using any of those searches, here is the most honest review on getbarter

What is Getbarter ? and what is getbarter used for? (Getbarter Review)

Getbarter is an online application that allows consumers and merchants to make and accept payments locally and internationally

what is a getbarter card ? Getbarter review

Getbarter card is an online virtual card that allow you to make any kind of payment and online card transactions with ease.

Getbarter online virtual card is own by Flutterwave also known as Barter, Getbarter is designed to help you focus on how to spend, send and borrow money using their services.

There’s even more;

With getbarter

  • you can create an online Visa card not just a visa card a dollar Visa card that is accepted in almost all online payment gateway;
  • You can use Getbarter card to run fb ads
  • You can use Getbarter card to verify your PayPal account even in Nigeria and all other banned countries
  • You can use Getbarter card for Google ads
  • You can use Getbarter on Amazon

I’m sure after seeing those list above some online marketers are relieved … Like I said you can use the getbarter card for almost all online transactions …

Documents Needed For Creating A Getbarter Account

Documents? Don’t be scared you actually don’t need a document. Just  few necessary details;

  • Correct phone number preferably your WhatsApp number
  •  BVN

Why Do Getbarter Need My BVN ?

When Creating a Getbarter account you’re also indirectly creating an online banking account with wema bank. When Creating a new bank account you know your BVN is a compulsory factor needed for creating a bank account in Nigeria.
This is why getbarter needs your bvn

Can I Trust Getbarter With My BVN ?

I know when it comes to bvn we need to be very careful because there’s a lot of fraudulent website out there.
Since getbarter is been affiliated / partnered with a well recognized bank in Nigeria, i’ll say yes you can trust getbarter with your BVN .

How To create A Getbarter Account

Normally there are two ways of creating a getbarter account either on their web ( https://getbarter.co/ ) or using the getbarter official app.

I’ll advice you not to through using their website because it’s complicated and for a long time now it’s almost impossible to use their web getbarter.co .
Using the getbarter app is easier and faster .
Getbarter app download click here

iPhone users click here to download

Let’s get started , to create a getbarter account

  • Firstly: Click the link above, you’ll be taken to Google playstore
  • Then download and install

HONEST GETBARTER REVIEW 2020 - Create A Virtual card in Seconds For Every Online Transaction 2

  • After a successful download you’ll see something like this as shown in the image below
  • Click “Create Your Account”
Getbarter review - blogcashout
[ image credit] geeksblogger
  • Now fill your details requested as seen below ;
  • Note Fill in your WhatsApp number for fast activation because an OTP will be sent to your WhatsApp number

Getbarter Review - blogcashout.com

  • After filling your details you’ll be asked to put the otp sent to you. You maybe lucky to receive it in your SMS (INBOX)
Getbarter - otp: blogcashout.com
[image credit] geeksblogger
  • Then put in the received otp and click on “Confirm Phone Number”

[Now your account is ready 😋😋] you now have access to create your getbarter online virtual card

How To Create Online Virtual Card With Getbarter

After successful creation of your account, it’s time to create your getbarter online virtual card 

  • As seen in the image below; Click on where you see “Tap here to create your dollar card now”

Getbarter Review- blogcashout

  • You’ll be taken to the next page as seen below;
  • You can see the next page contains logos of Facebook, Netflix, Namecheap, Google e.t.c
  • Click “Continue” .
Getbarter Review 2020 : Blogcashout.com
[image credit] geeksblogger
  • Now it’s time to fund your card . You can fund your card with your desired amount, I suggest it should be above $1…
  • If your purpose is to create the card for Facebook Ads, you can fund with the amount you want to sponsor the page with but for PayPal account verification you need at least $2

Getbarter_fund _account

  • Now you’ll need to set a four digit PIN for your card
Getbarter apk
[Image credit – geeksblogger]
  • Remember? We talked about BVN, here’s where you need it.
  • Fill in your correct date of birth also, the one that correspond with the one contained in your BVN

Getbarter Review 2020

  • Now you’ll need to fund your getbarter account…
  • Note: you’ll need to fund the account with the same or above the amount you want to fund your card with.

Getbarter download

  • Next step is to choose how you want to fund the account either your debit card or Bank account
  • Note: The bank account feature is limited because you can either fund your getbarter account with bank if you use

FirstBank and GTBank

Getbarter_app _dowoad

So My advice is to fund with your card for easy funding .

  • When you click card you’ll be asked to fill your card details;

Getbarter sign up

  • You can click remember this card if you don’t want to be asked to enter card details anytime you want to fund using card.

Alternative Way To Fund Your Getbarter Account

Remember I told you Getbarter is partnered with wema bank ?

Here’s how an alternative way to fund your getbarter Account without a debit card or Bank Account …

  • As seen in the image below click on the “Add money”

Getbarter Review

  • Next, on this page click “bank transfer”


  • You can see in the image below you’ve been given a unique bank account details associated with wema bank
  • You can fund the account with either ussd or mobile banking transfer


  • After funding your account, now you can fund your card.

Is Getbarter Scam or Legit

Different questions has been popping up here and there asking if getbarter is a scam or Legit…

I have been using getbarter for two years now no issues whatsoever. As at when this review is written, getbarter isn’t a scam they are legit 

Conclusion :

Getbarter is a wonderful Innovation from flutterwave and has helped entrepreneurs in Nigeria by easing stress paying some fees in some international payment gateway but recently complains has been arising about getbarter’s excessive fees.


Feel free to use the comment section if you have any question or you feel something needs to be added to this review

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