How to start Data reselling Business In Nigeria For Instant Profit 2020

How to start Data reselling Business In Nigeria For Instant Profit 2020 1

Do you want to go into data reselling business in nigeria ?
Search no further, you’ve stumbled upon the right article to give you free full tutorials on data reselling business in Nigeria and make huge profit…

Data Reselling Business in Nigeria

It has come to my notice that lots of people are making different searches just to get in on the data reselling business  

Trending data reselling searches 👇👇

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Oh boy! what a search list, the search list is endless, don’t worry anymore if you landed on this post using any of those search, then search no further because your days of search are over. I know lots of people are already squeezing their faces that I want to spoil their business for them, if you like hit your head on the wall… Lol

I was opportuned to be in a data reselling whatsapp group last year and guess what? they were charging 1,000 naira just to tutor people on data reselling business that’s not all,  he further said his normal charges for the for the tutorial is 6,000 naira that he’s currently running a promo …

Really? did anything like this happened? You know I like backing up my claims with proofs 😁 take a look at the screenshot below;

Data reselling proof

Do you believe me now? chaii… and I’ve spoilt business for this guy now…

Mtcheew let’s go into the business of the day…

After this free tutorial you won’t be needing any data reselling business PDF

Wait am I really giving this out for free? hmm…  maybe I’ve got to rethink this🙄🙄🤔🤔 … Nope I’ve gat nothing to rethink we’re getting started right away;

Let’s Get Started;

One survey I’ve conducted is this, people tend not to value free things… Let me let you in on a little story , after getting this knowledge on data reselling business i discussed with a friend on giving free data reselling business tutorial he asked;

are you okay? don’t you know this is money?, you should just create an ebook on this and start selling it; he added, don’t you know people don’t value free things?

hmm… I pondered on that for some minutes but I still reluctantly refused that’s why you’re getting this tutorial for free, I know you’re going to clear his doubt and take action as soon as you acquire this knowledge…

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Okay let’s kick off


You’ve been hearing of the word data reselling and you don’t know the meaning?

Here’s the meaning;

Now data reselling can be explained in this simple term;

It is the buying of data in bulk or cheap amount and resell at a higher rate

Now we know that, to the next one

 Who Is A Data Reseller ?

A data reseller is one who buys data in bulk or large size directly from telecommunications companies and resale at his own fixed price to make profit.. these telecommunications companies includes 9mobile, Mtn, Airtel and glo.

We’ve defined what data reselling , who a data reseller is

Some one might be wanting to ask,  am I going to these telecommunication companies and buy data from them?  The answer is big NO …

This brings us to the next popular question


Buying data in bulk and resale in Nigeria has been made easy because we don’t have to practically go to these telecommunication companies to buy these data in bulk.

If we don’t go to these company so how are we going to get this cheap data? That shouldn’t be a problem because we now have different data reselling sites , data reselling apps e.t.c . Since there are different data reselling platforms which can i trust ? Don’t worry  i’ll be recommending a very secure, reliable and fast service delivery site and app where I personally buy my data from, it called EPINMOBILE

What Do I Need To Start Data Reselling Business ?

Definitely you can’t just start data reselling with mere imaginations, you’ll need some tools to start data reselling business in Nigeria


 Hold on, don’t  be scared it isn’t a machine you will have to buy outside Nigeria or even leaving your house.  when I said tools, it’s definitely something we all can get within minutes.

Tools Needed For Data reselling

You only need three tools to get started


  1. An Android phone or a pc
  2. A good network
  3. A reliable data reselling site e.gEPINMOBILE
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I believe you’re a bit relief now. So after getting this tool what next?

You’re ready to become a data reseller


As explained above a data reseller buys data in bulk and sells to the end users at his own fixed price to make profit and also I said you don’t need to practically go the telecommunication companies to buy data from but rather you need a platform..

How To Get Started ?

To get started patiently follow these steps patiently;


Data reselling business

it will redirect you to EPINMOBILE

Then, click on the login/register button

Data reselling business 2020

to register it will take you to this login form

Data reselling business in Nigeria

Afterwards input the desired username >> password, you intend to use >> Remember me if you want to be automatically logged in when next you use your browser to visit epinmobile.

After  Successful registration, you’ll need to upgrade your account with 1,000 NAIRA and you’ll get a referral link to refer anyone you choose to, once they upgrade you get 100% commission…

So you see that you can make thousands of naira daily, monthly and even yearly as a data reseller


you can upgrade/fund your wallet by using your ATM CARD or pay to any of their account numbers and message your account manager with your payment proof, full name, depositor’s name and your username, you can do that by text or WhatsApp more preferably …



Now you’ve gotten the right and trusted data reselling site, Here’s how to make huge income reselling data in Nigeria

Different network provider sells their data for different amount while EPINMOBILE gives you at a cheaper rate

What you do is to put your selling rate at an affordable price e.g let’s say mtn sells their 1gb for 1,000 and at EPINMOBILE you get it for #500 you can put your own rate for as low as 600 -700 naira and you make a profit of 100 naira – 200 naira, multiply it by 10 people per day, do the maths yourself and see… Imagine such profit per month ….

Another way of making it huge reselling data in 2020 on EPINMOBILE

Is the referral part, let’s say you want to refer some people into the biz you also stad a chance to get 100% commission for each upgraded referral made…

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How To get Massive Customers in Data Reselling Business

Getting customers has been a problem when it comes to business, hey relax I’m here to give you some free tips.

  1.  Family and friends: Let’s assume you’re just starting your data reselling business the first set of people I’ll advice you to reach out for are family and friends, yeah that’s true I remember when I started reselling data, my first customer was my dad, he then started telling his colleagues in office and boom that was it … Additional tip: don’t compromise when it comes to business
  2. Public places : You can also reach out to public places / gathering like churches, mosques , meetings, seminars e.t.c
  3. Billboards/posters : using billboards and posters is another great, sweet and strategic way of getting customers to your data reselling business making posters are very nice when it comes to business reach out people who you might not be able to reach or speak to, your poster can do that for you…
  4. Social Media Ads : This has been the fastest way to getting customers, because 89% of this generation are now on social Media, using social media like Facebook. Don’t be scared to invest on your business take the risk and you’ll profit it..

Using those tips can help you boost your sales in Data Reselling Business in Nigeria.

I want action takers and I’m willing to help you achieve success. I’ll be giving a massive bonus for action takers


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You can’t get this top notch info anywhere

In Conclusion :

Data reselling business is a very lucrative business that can earn you passive income, do well to utilize this chance to boost your income in 2020

Feel free to use the comment box below, I’m ready to answer your questions, your comments makes me happy 🤗

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