Top 7 Crazy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria without investing a dime

Top 7 Crazy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria without investing a dime 1

You’re a Student in Nigeria and you’ve been searching for ways on how to make money as a student in Nigeria ? you’ve just arrived at the last bus stop because i have listed out crazy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria .

While researching different ways to make money as a student in Nigeria i found out these were popular questions arising…

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Ways to make money as a student in Nigeria

How do I make money online in Nigeria as a student

How to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria

Hmmm… That’s enough, if you’re among those asking these questions, it’s time to get your answers right here👌… I’ll be dropping some crazy ways I’ve found to make money as a Nigerian student, just pick any which will be convenient for you.

Okay, let’s get started ;

My struggle as a student in Nigeria

Before I dive further, I’ll like to tell you a little about my struggle as Nigerian student.

I’m OTOAYE EZEKIEL by name, graduated in 2018 from AUCHI POLYTECHNIC, auchi. Edo state with a National diploma as a polymer Engineer. During my period in school things were ups and down… Depending on parent to survive, though I started my Blogging career in 2014… I had acquired lots of knowedge and ways to make money as a student in Nigeria but little circumstances and pride was my stronghold… before i realized, i was already in my final year but it didn’t weigh me down. I just hope after acquiring this knowledge today, you’ll kill that pride and take a bold step.


Like i’ll always tell people making money is simple as long as you can identify people’s problem and be ready to solve them. I have compiled these crazy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria without investing a dime, yes no investment is required, you just need some basic skill and time…

Make _ money_ As_ Student_In_Nigeria

You might want to ask, who is an offline advertiser or what is offline advertising?         An offline advertiser is one who helps to create awareness to a product or a company offline i.e you won’t be needing any data neither a PC nor a smartphone

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You can approach any organization and request that you assist them to create awareness of their product in your school or visit the market to make inquiries or keep your ears on the ground and ask around for any company in need of distributors and marketers.

If the post is vacant and open, the chances are high that you will be given the job. You can partner with foreign companies to be a representative or an ambassador in your school. Most students are google student ambassadors in their various schools and they use that way to make money for themselves while studying in the higher institution.

Apply for the positions that will allow you to work in your free time, not the type that will demand you to miss days or weeks in school even if the pay is high. If you market for some companies, you get to sell their products, return the proceeds to the company and get your percentage / commission for the sale. Beverage companies in Nigeria like employing young undergraduates to market their products.

  • Make Money As A Student in Nigeria As A Tutor

This is another crazy way to make money both as a university or secondary school students in Nigeria.

This involves selling your brain i.e people paying you to teach them stuffs, you can also be a home lesson teacher, teaching kids when you’re back from school or as a University students you can make money teaching students preparing for their waec , Gce , jamb e.t.c

  • Make Money As A Student in Nigeria Selling Stuff For Your Friends

By selling stuff for your friends or other persons you can also earn a living as a student. It’s like a traditional thing for students lol, they like selling stuff. Most of them find it difficult to get buyers. You can be the middle man by posting on pit your number and people may contact you. After a successful business transaction you request for your commission.

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Another way to get people is simply getting a marker and a cardboard paper and write on it what you wish to sell also put your number.

Tip 2 : You could upload it in your group chat maybe Facebook or WhatsApp group. You can also make friends with some class rep and get added to their group chat and post what you wish to sell but don’t spam them.

  • Make Money As A Nigerian Student Doing Laundries

You can earn some buck helping people wash their clothes during weekend. This isn’t restricted to university students alone, secondary school students can make money doing this also.

You can get customers too by using a marker to write out your services on a card board

  • Make Money As A Nigerian Student By Selling Old Educational  Materials.

Another simple way of making money as a Nigerian Student is selling your old textbooks, handouts to new students … You could make extra copies and sell them out to the freshers or junior student at a cheaper rate, who doesn’t like cheap things ?  Lol


How To Make Money Online As A Student Without Spending A Dime

Make _ money_ As_ Student_In_Nigeria

  • Make Money Online As A Nigerian Student Doing Surveys

What do I mean by doing surveys? There are websites that literally pays people just by answering some questions. Currently I don’t do surveys so I can’t recommend anyone for now but you can search for list of paying survey sites in Nigeria but be careful because there are lot of scam survey sites and could waste your time. There’s no harm in trying right ?

  • Make Money As A Nigerian Student By Starting A YouTube Channel

Yeah you can make money online as a YouTuber .

Who is a YouTuber? A YouTuber is a person that runs a YouTube channel .

So how do i make money running a YouTube channel?

It’s simple but not easy because it requires hard work.

Firstly ; You should have a Niche idea

What is A Niche?

A Niche is what your channel is all about i.e what content you post in your channel. It could be health & fitness or entertainment e.t.c

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Now you know what a niche is, you need to fucus on a particular one that you’ll be known for e.g entertainment.

You could be posting videos of Nigerian movies or top skits of Nigerian comedians

How Do I Really Make This Money ?

Here’s the deal. YouTube pays YouTubers, but you must meet certain criteria before you can start earning


You can make money uploading sponsored videos In your YouTube channel as a Student.

As your youtube subscribers increases and video views it’ll start attracting advertisers who are willing to pay you to upload their Contents on your YouTube channel.

  • Make Money As A Nigerian Student By Creating A Facebook Group

You might be wondering how you would make money as a student by creating a school Facebook group. Again it’s simple but not easy.

For instance your institution’s name is Uniblogcashout. You can create a group by naming it Charles’ Uniblogcashout group .

Now share the group link to different class WHATSAPP group asking friends to share it. By doing this you’re growing your group members.

This is what you do…

Engage your members by posting school news , things happening around the school , funny stuffs like memes,  some other funny stuff.

Now How do I make money by doing this? 

Another big question;

Here’s how. The more your members, th more it get attractions and persons around the school may want to advertise their products to students and they might reach out to you. You give them your price . You get paid and you upload their products in your platform.

There might be other persons doing it already but that doesn’t mean you should give up ? You can set yours up and start earning too

Conclusion :

All these steps to make money as a student in Nigeria may not require your cash but your time.

The online aspect of this article are time consuming but if you schedule you time well you can meet up.

Note: None of these tips are get rich quick scheme. It takes hardwork.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to use the comment section if you have any question or you have an idea you’d like me to add.

I love seeing your comments they inspire me to do more 💪💪

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