Affiliate Marketing 101 : 2020 Step by step beginner’s guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 101 : 2020 Step by step beginner's guide to Affiliate Marketing 1

In this affiliate marketing guide , I’ll be giving you a step by step guide to affiliate marketing. You might be wondering why I wrote affiliate marketing 101 ?

For those already in college / higher institution you’d recall in your first year, you were introduced to some course e.g GNS 101 e.t.c. When you see the code 101 it’s simply an introduction to a course or a beginner’s guide.

You might have come across it somewhere, that affiliate marketing is another profitable way to make money online and you might be wondering what affiliate marketing is all about, Well I’ll be giving you an updated article on how to get started as an affiliate marketer.

I’ll be writing about affiliate marketing in three angles / strategies

  • The Rookie strategy
  • The Good Enough Strategy
  • The professional strategy

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Like I said earlier It is a Step By Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing. I won’t advice you to skip any part of this article. Especially if you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing / Newbie

Before we dive into the strategies let me definite some terms

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I will be defining affiliate marketing in it’s simplest term.
Affiliate Marketing is the selling of other people’s product and getting commission for sales made.

Who Is An Affiliate Marketer ?

An affiliate marketer is one who sells people’s product and get commission for it .

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate Marketer?

Those are arising questions from people who really wants to know the affiliate marketing process of payment.
In affiliate marketing, you don’t really need to buy the product before you can promote it but depending on the program, the company or vendor (product’s owner)

Affiliate Marketers get paid in various ways

Pay Per Sale (PPS) .

This type of affiliate program requires the consumer to buy or invest in the product before you get commission .

Pay Per Lead (PPL).

As the name implies, in the ppl program, your audience (consumer) is required to take certain action which maybe filling a form , downloading a file , subscribing to a news letter, signing up for a newsletter e.t.c

Pay Per Click (PPC).

In this kinda program, you get paid when anyone clicks your affiliate link.
The action required for a consumer is clicking the affiliate link to the merchant’s (product owner) page or site.

My First Four Recommendations

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Things you need to put into consideration when starting affiliate marketing.

A Niche :

If you’re coming across this word for the first time.
A niche is is what your product is all about.  The kinda product you’re known for.

Some Examples Of Niche;
Relationship & Sex
Business & Make money
Travel e.t.c

A Good Product :

Yes a good product. Promoting a good product is one of the criteria of having good success in the Affiliate Marketing.

Why Do I Need To Promote A Good Product ?

Promoting a good product builds trust in the mind of your audience ( consumers) they would go for almost any product you recommend to them. It also reduce refund rate, who would ask for a refund if they are seeing results?.

Traffic :

Now you’ve chosen your Niche, you’ve gotten a nice product to promote. How do you get people do see what you’re promoting.

Traffic sources are divided mainly into

Free traffic & Paid traffic

Free traffic:

This traffic source requires you to pay only with your time and not your cash.

Free Traffic can be gotten from


By posting review videos about a particular product or by Posting a little solution about a product and recommend the product you wish to promote.


You can promote your link in groups and timeline

Paid traffic:

The paid strategy involves you paying to get your offer out there to people.
E.g Google ads , Facebook ads e.t.c

Target Audience:

You don’t want to promote your offer to someone who’s not interested your product. You need to make sure your offer gets to the right audience.

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The Rookie Strategy:

The rookie strategy is not an effective strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You might end up not making a single sale.

How does this strategy work?
Most time you come across different affiliate links in Facebook groups or friends’ timeline, spamming their affiliate link here and there . People don’t engage in such link.

Spicing The rookie when I started affiliate marketing as a newbie I posted my link from one group to another, posted on timeline but made no single sale.

I had to spice up this strategy . Instead of posting my links into comments , groups e.t.c I just did a sweet post on the product, the problem it can solve and boom … It made me only two sale that was it.
That was my only sales with the rookie strategy.

Following the rookie strategy may make you a few sale or no sale because it’s not a business strategy.

The Good Enough Strategy :

The Good enough strategy is a good strategy. Lol that’s why it’s called the Good enough strategy

You need;

  • Good traffic
  • A blog
  • An offer to promote

This involves you having a presell on your , the presell could be in form of;

  • – A case study
  • – A story (It can be the story of how the product you are
    promoting as an affiliate changed your life)
  • – An interview
  • – A product review (Your honest thoughts about the product. If you can present it in way that gets people to believe you, this will work)�
  • – An advertorial (that looks like editorial content reported by a journalist)�

Affiliate marketers are banking good amount of money from this strategy. If your blog have a good amount of traffic flowing in, you can make money using this strategy.

You can also promote the presell / article about the product, using either free & paid traffic

The professional Strategy :

Are you excited as I am right now ? If you ain’t. You need to be, because I’ll be leaving no stone unturned as I reveal the exact strategy super affiliates use.

What Exactly Do I Need For This Strategy To Work ?

STEP 1 : A good product & identify the audience for the product.

STEP 2 :  Create a lead magnet to attract potential buyers

STEP 3 : Create a squeeze/Landing page to give away the lead magnet

STEP 4 : Redirect people to a thank you page which you can promotes an offer on.

STEP 5 :  Promote the affiliate products via followup email� using an autoresponder


Once you’ve gotten a good product based on your niche.
Identify your where your audience are.

Let’s say you’re promoting a health related product and you’re using a paid traffic source. Your target should be people who are interested in health .
For example ;
* Fitness coaches
* Authors of health related products
* People who read articles on health related products e.t.c

If you’re using the free strategy, you could join health related groups.


This next step involves Creating a lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is simply giving out value products for free in exchange for their email. Because you want to build an email list .

This lead magnet can be in form of a report, mindmap, video, software etc �

Even if you don’t have an ebook yet to give. You can make use of plr products.
You can visit

What’s An Email List?

It’s the collection of email address by an individual or an organization to send Marketing materials.

Why do I need to collect their emails ?
Is it really necessary to collect email address and why is it important as an affiliate marketer?

Remember? This is a step by step guide to affiliate marketing, we’re not gonna rush things. In step 5 you’ll know why email list is important.


Creating a squeeze page. You can also call it a landing page or an option page

This is where your audience land when you drop the link to the optin page . In this page you ask for their email address so you can send it to them via email

An optin page should contain the following elements:

  • – A headline
  • – Little details about  the product (optional) but more preferable
  • – The optin form( where they put in their mail)
  • – And the picture of the lead magnet (optional)�

The following images are examples of a landing page

Affiliate Marketing - Step by step guide

Affiliate Marketing - Step by step guide


A thank you page. This is the page where your audience gets redirected to after the sign up.
This is where you tell them to check their emails for their free PDF ,article or whatever you promised them .

You can promote your offer in this page too but it’s optional.

Though it’s optional but a very working and  active strategy

Example shown in the image below…

Affiliate Marketing - Step by step guide

Affiliate Marketing - Step by step guide

Affiliate Marketing - Step by step guide

Even after doing this, many may not buy. This brings us to step 5


In step 4, I said persons may not buy even after doing some promotion in the optin page but don’t worry, we’ve got their mail.

First we deliver what we promised directly to their email this is done by your autoresponder.

What Is An Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is a service that allows you to automatically send out emails to a group or several group.of people who has been subscribed to your list.

I recommend

After the giving the promised value to them. Next we can start promoting our affiliate product to them.

Now you see the reason for their emails?

Wrapping up :

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme not an MLM program, it takes some level of hardwork .

If you find this step by step guide to Affiliate Marketing useful, feel free to use the comment section. Or you have any question/clarity.
You can also use the comment section to suggest anything if you feel I’m missing something.

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